Setup Cloud9 IDE Workspace

Cloud9 IDE

Your CloudFormation template should have created all the resources you need by now, navigate to Cloud9 service and look for MQClient workspace and click on OpenIDE to open the workspace.

C9 open ide

Workspace setup

In the main pane, close the Welcome screen. Open only one terminal. See the picture below for reference:

C9 command

Run the following commands in the terminal you just opened.

cd ~/environment/amazon-mq-workshop
source ~/.bashrc

After the above step is completed, close all terminals you see in Cloud9 workspace. Now you need to create 4 terminals to make it easier for you to run commands and observe output from those commands. Follow the instructions below

You need to split the windows into 4 windows chequered pattern. Click on the two icons as shown in the picture below. Click on the top icon first and then when a new menu opens click on the bottom icon as shown with red circle.

Terminal shortcut

In each window, open a new terminal byclicking on + tab and select New Terminal as shown in the picture below.

New terminal

Navigate to the projects root directory by running in EACH terminal.

cd ~/environment/amazon-mq-workshop

Please make sure all terminals are in the /environment/amazon-mq-workshop directory.

You cloud9 screen should look like the screen below. Do not close the Cloud9 tab as you need this for rest of the workshop.

C9 terminal setup