Generate metrics

Run the following command in one of the terminal windows to send a few message to a queue where no receiver is listening to:

java -jar ./bin/amazon-mq-client.jar -url $url -mode sender -type queue -destination workshop.DLQTest -name Sender-1 -ttl 1000

Note the ttl option. This means the message has a life time of only 1 second. All messages which are not consumed before the ttl expires are moved to the ActiveMQ.DLQ queue by default.

You should see a log output like the following:

[ActiveMQ Task-1] INFO org.apache.activemq.transport.failover.FailoverTransport - Successfully connected to ssl://
14.04.2018 11:33:03.609 - Sender: sent '[queue://workshop.DLQTest] [Sender-1] Message number 1'
14.04.2018 11:33:04.645 - Sender: sent '[queue://workshop.DLQTest] [Sender-1] Message number 2'
14.04.2018 11:33:05.680 - Sender: sent '[queue://workshop.DLQTest] [Sender-1] Message number 3'