Creating an Alarm

Enter the following values in Alarm Details, as shown in the first picture:

Name: Failed message delivery

Description: Failed message delivery from broker

CloudWatch Step 8

Scroll down in the same page, For the field “Whenever: QueueSize”, enter a value 10. This value indicates that you want to create an alarm when QueueSize (number of messages) for ActiveMQ.DLQ exceeds 10. Then for “Send notification to” field, the click on “Enter list” as shown in the picture below with a red doodle.

CloudWatch Step 9

Now the text box background changes to “Enter topic name/ARN”. See picture below for reference. In this field you can enter a SNS topic. Alternatively, you can enter a list of email-ids by clicking “Select list” link.

CloudWatch Step 10

By clicking on Create Alarm you can create an alarm and when triggered, sends notification to an SNS topic or an email. This demonstrates how to create an alarm and add a notification. Click Cancel to return to CloudWatch.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully completed this lab. You can move on to Network of Brokers