Edit the configuration

Go to list of brokers and click on the name of your broker. Click Edit at the top of the page.


To view and edit the latest configuration, just click the Edit link in the Configuration section. This will open a new tab where you can see the current configuration.


On this page, you see the XML configuration of Amazon MQ. Click Edit configuration button in the top right corner.


Scroll down to the element.


Make sure that the whole section is uncommented removing the opening and closing comments marks.

 <!-- and --> 

See the picture below for reference (before changes):


Modify the content so that it looks as follows. Afterwards click Save, and confirm, to store the configuration changes. This configuration allows user1 to manage, write and read from queue.user1, but not user2, who is allowed instead to admin, read and write on topic.user2.

            <authorizationEntry admin="admin,activemq-webconsole" queue="&gt;" read="admin,activemq-webconsole" write="admin,activemq-webconsole"/>
            <authorizationEntry admin="admin,activemq-webconsole" topic="&gt;" read="admin,activemq-webconsole" write="admin,activemq-webconsole"/>
            <authorizationEntry admin="admin,user1" queue="queue.user1" read="user1" write="user1"/>
            <authorizationEntry admin="admin,user2" read="user2" topic="topic.user2" write="user2"/>
            <authorizationEntry admin="admin,user1,user2" read="admin,user1,user2" topic="ActiveMQ.Advisory.&gt;" write="admin,user1,user2"/>
            <tempDestinationAuthorizationEntry admin="tempDestinationAdmins" read="tempDestinationAdmins" write="tempDestinationAdmins"/>

See the picture below for reference (after changes):


Save the configuration by clicking Save button.